Grand Cayman, a paradise set between Mexico and Jamaica

In recent years, we have often heard people talk about Grand Cayman for reasons other than those that made me go and visit it. A pearl in the Caribbean located between Jamaica and Mexico that together with two other islands, Little Cayman and Bric Brac, makes up the Cayman Islands.
I arrived in the capital, George Town with the American Airlines scheduled flight from London Heathrow via Miami, the last flight from Miami to George Town took about an hour.
The small airport, characteristic of a Caribbean island, is distinctive for the photos you see in the arrivals hall of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, to remind us that we are on territory of Her Majesty, the Queen of England.
For the few days I was in George Town, I stayed at the Marriot situated on the incredible Seven Mile Beach. A fantastic hotel with all the comforts and impeccably organised, the unforgettable breakfast and restaurant with the marvellous chef, Pepin.
Seven Mile Beach is the main beach of Grand Cayman with very fine coralline sand, crowded around the hotels, but if you want more privacy it is possible to also find more private areas of the beach; don’t miss talking a walk in the evening to watch the spectacular sunset.
In the days that I was on the island I just had to do some diving, given that there are so many interesting dive sites and with inviting water temperatures of up to 28 degrees.
Without doubt, I was most fascinated by the dive inside the Kittiwake shipwreck that lies at a depth of about 20 metres and where you can go into the hyperbaric chamber of the ship in which there is an air bubble in the upper section. Many fish swim around the wreckage, reminding us that we are in the Caribbean.
Another very good dive was at theOro Verde Wall where once you’ve made the giant leap from the boat you go down into the 500-metre deep blue waters, changing direction you reach the tip of a large rock that emerges from these blue waters, with a depth of 25 metres and steep walls and from which it’s great to see all the big fish passing by and thousands of colourful fish on the reef.
Another experience, this time without oxygen, and obviously inside the lagoon where the sea isn’t more than five metres deep and with the protection of the reef itself, you can go by boat to the area Stingray City and see the stingrays up close and who wants to, can be caressed by the crystal clear waters.
After leaving Stingray City, again by boat, it is must to stop off at Rum Point for a tasty grilled fish on the beach.
For the evening after having returned to George Town, I can recommend the waterfront restaurant, ‘Da Toniwhere you can eat great fish dishes and there is an ample variety of international wines.
I leave this paradise with a hint of melancholy and I thank all my friends for the days spent together and the excellent hospitality.20140301-162018.jpg20140301-162113.jpg


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